The Native American Style Love Flute


If you’ve been searching for a flute on the internet I know that it can be a bit confusing as to exactly what you are buying. But, I think that you can break Native American flutes and Native American style flutes down into two groups: those that are made by the hundreds in a factory like setting and those made by individual craftsman like myself. It’s difficult to distinguish one from the other because the mass producers try to blend in with the small craftsmen and deceive people into thinking they’re getting a hand crafted instrument. But they’ll never show you pictures of where and how their flutes are made. If you’re looking for a flute with heart and soul don’t waste your good money on a mass produced product. They look, feel and play like exactly what they are.

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The Craftsman Native American style Flute


Craftsman FluteUnique Design and Painstaking Detail at a Reasonable Price

My Craftsman style Love flutes are made from an attractive combination of two different types of wood.

The two species of wood are joined together at a forty-five degree angle. This creates an attractive design statement. The shape of the Craftsman Native American style flute is slightly more refined than that of the Backpacker flute.

More time is devoted to each detail of construction and finish.


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The Backpacker Native American style Flute


backpacker1A Quality Hand-Crafted Instrument at an Affordable Price.

The Backpacker is not a so-called Beginners flute.

The Backpacker Native American style flute is made of a single wood species rather than multiple woods. It has a simple, low profile, contrasting wood bird on top of the flute. As with the other types of Native American style flutes that I make the bird is secured with a select quality buckskin thong. The Backpacker flute has a coat of polyurethane varnish on the interior surfaces and two coats on the exterior surface. It is sanded between coats to produce a smooth, even semi gloss finish.


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The Collectors Native American style Flute


Collectors Native American Style FluteUnsurpassed Design, Attention to Detail and Sound Quality

The Collectors’ Native American style flutes are a demonstration of my woodworking skills.

Because they are made within the same design parameters, Collectors’ flutes don’t sound any different than the Craftsman or Backpacker flutes.

The difference is in the amount of craftsmanship necessary to create each of these one off Love flutes.

I believe that the appearance of these flutes is akin to that of a magic wand. No two are alike.