Special Love Flutes

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A Unique Design to Save Orphaned Wood

Special Love FluteSpecial Love Flute


My mentor Clint Carlyle made the first flute using this design as a gift for his wife. That Native American style flute was made using a piece of wood from the Sun Dance Tree that was too small to make an entire flute all by itself, so he glued it together with another piece of wood so that combined they were large enough for a complete flute. I call the flutes that I make this way Special Flutes. This is because they are made from pieces of wood that are too small to make a complete flute. If I did not take the extra time to glue these small pieces together they would go to waste. It is more work to make a Love flute this way, but it is a very attractive and stable design. Special Native American style flutes are only sold in a few select stores and can also be made by custom order.