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5-Flute Stand

Love Flute Stands to Secure and Display your Instruments.

I make and try to keep in stock three different flute stands.

A flute stand is a great way to protect and display your Native American style flutes. There are cheaper stands on the market but the ones I have seen are of inferior quality.

These stands, like everything I make, are something you will be proud to have in your home.

My flute stands can be purchased separately for the display of Love flutes by other makers.


Custom Made Native American Love Flute Stand

Custom Made Flute Stand

Here is a flute stand made to be placed on a table top.

It holds five flutes.

This stand revolves to display and access the different flutes.

The center portion of the flute stand is made of the skeleton of a cholla cactus. This stand is made of walnut but can also be made of other woods.

Cost approximately $195


Contact me for more information or to order one. 


Individual Flute Stand

Pictured below is a wooden display stand than I make for my Native American style flutes. 

This flute stand is a good way of using up small scraps of wood that would otherwise be thrown away. The flute stand provides a nice throne for your Love flute to sit on when not in use. I think there is a certain sculptural grace to this flute stand that complements the flute. The stand is given a couple of light coats of polyurethane and then rubbed smooth with fine steel wool. The finish itself is hardly noticeable so there’s a nice woody feel to the flute stand. This sets off the Love flute to advantage. I could have cut corners and made a simpler, less time-consuming flute stand. However, that would be like displaying a diamond on a two by four. This small flute stand is not very stable because of the small base. It would be suitable for a secure place like a shelf or mantel place.


flute standIndividual Flute Stand

Made of Walnut and Maple.

Holds 1 flute.




5-Flute Stand

This is a revolving stand that holds five flutes.

The top is mounted on a ball bearing lazy susan so that it turns around to make accessing individual flutes easier. It is about thirteen inches in diameter. The pegs are ¾ inches in diameter for a 7/8 inch bore flute. A custom stand can be made to hold smaller bore flutes. The stand is finished with several coats of semi gloss polyurethane. I try to keep a few of these flute stands in stock in various woods. Contact me for availability.

Because these stands are heavy and require special packaging the shipping is $20.


5-Flute Stand5-Flute Stand

Made of Purpleheart and Maple.

Holds up to 5 flutes.



7-Flute Stand

This is another revolving stand that holds seven Native American flutes. It is the same as the five-flute stand except that it is about sixteen inches in diameter. The pegs that hold the flutes are ¾ inches in diameter for a 7/8 inch bore flute. They are available in various woods. 


7 Flute Stand7-Flute Stand

Available in Zebrawood (as shown), and Purpleheart, Maple, African Mahogany or Oak.

Contact me before ordering for wood type availability.

Holds 7 flutes.